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The diverse range of businesses and cultures in Canada offers a special set of possibilities and difficulties for hiring talent. HIRD acknowledges that outstanding candidates are the engine powering innovation and progress within this heterogeneous mosaic. The strategy used by HIRD goes beyond conventional recruiting; it entails crafting a narrative that is in line with the goals of people hoping to contribute to Canada’s bright future.

The tactics of HIRD are founded in innovation. Although competitive pay is still a major consideration, HIRD also places a lot of focus on both personal and professional development. The rapidly changing Canadian scene necessitates adaptation, and HIRD provides its workers with the resources they need to succeed in this challenging setting.

In the field of hiring people in Canada, HIRD is known for its expertise, empowerment, and growth. HIRD is a career catalyst, launching people into a future overflowing with possibilities and accomplishments. It is inspired by Canada’s spirit of inclusion and creativity.

Industries We Serve

Our Extensive Range of Services and Expertise


At HIRD, we recognise the enormous value of talented workers across many sectors. Regardless of the industry you are in...

Financial Services

We empower financial institutions with real-time data insights and predictive analytics, enabling them to make informed...


We specialize in matching healthcare organizations with people who not only have the necessary talents but also the...

Supply Chain

Through GPS tracking, warehouse management systems, and route optimization software, enables real-time tracking of...

information technology

Welcome to HIRD, where we grasp the transformative influence of Information Technology (IT) on businesses. Our mission...


We facilitate enhanced customer engagement through online portals, enabling clients to access policy information, submit...

Our Services

Our Extensive Range of Services

Enterprise RPO

Simplify your recruitment journey with our comprehensive Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution.

Candidate Sourcing

Access top-tier candidates efficiently and effectively with our targeted Candidate Sourcing services.

Contingent Workforce

Optimize your workforce by seamlessly integrating contingent workers through our Contingent Workforce solutions.

Total Talent Solution

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our Total Talent Solution for holistic talent management.

Project RPO

Get tailored recruitment support for your specific project needs with our flexible Project RPO services.

On-demand RPO

Scale your recruitment efforts as needed with our on-demand RPO solution for efficient hiring.

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