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Recognising the enormous potential within the BPO sector, HIRD distinguishes out in the Philippines’ quickly expanding environment. Although the Philippines’ progress is clear, it also carries with it a unique set of obstacles, which HIRD is adept at navigating. As the BPO industry in the nation expands and presents a wide range of prospects, the art of finding and keeping excellent people becomes a more complex task.

The work of HIRD goes beyond only recruiting; it involves developing a captivating story that distinguishes the organisation. HIRD displays progress, advancement, and significant contribution by highlighting not only the work but also the trip. HIRD is the compass directing job searchers towards a promising career path amid a sea of options.

The spirit of opportunity and challenge is embodied by HIRD in the intricate talent market in the Philippines. HIRD guarantees  that not just the industry but also the careers and goals of people who join the HIRD family advance swiftly by understanding that recruiting and keeping talent is not a transaction but a relationship. In a field where possibilities abound, HIRD acts as a lighthouse, pointing talent in the direction of a future rich in development, significance, and fulfilment.

Industries We Serve

Our Extensive Range of Services and Expertise


At HIRD, we recognise the enormous value of talented workers across many sectors. Regardless of the industry you are in...

Financial Services

We empower financial institutions with real-time data insights and predictive analytics, enabling them to make informed...


We specialize in matching healthcare organizations with people who not only have the necessary talents but also the...

Supply Chain

Through GPS tracking, warehouse management systems, and route optimization software, enables real-time tracking of...

information technology

Welcome to HIRD, where we grasp the transformative influence of Information Technology (IT) on businesses. Our mission...


We facilitate enhanced customer engagement through online portals, enabling clients to access policy information, submit...

Our Services

Our Extensive Range of Services

Enterprise RPO

Simplify your recruitment journey with our comprehensive Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution.

Candidate Sourcing

Access top-tier candidates efficiently and effectively with our targeted Candidate Sourcing services.

Contingent Workforce

Optimize your workforce by seamlessly integrating contingent workers through our Contingent Workforce solutions.

Total Talent Solution

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our Total Talent Solution for holistic talent management.

Project RPO

Get tailored recruitment support for your specific project needs with our flexible Project RPO services.

On-demand RPO

Scale your recruitment efforts as needed with our on-demand RPO solution for efficient hiring.

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